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In each of the ten Francophone school regions, a conseil d’école, or school community council, must be elected to serve as an advisory board to the Conseil scolaire fransaskois (Francophone Board of Education). Each conseil d'école is made up of a minimum of four to a maximum of nine members, depending on the local council requirements. The electorate is comprised of the parents of the students enrolled at each school.

All members of the conseil d’école (except for one) must be parents of students enrolled in the school. One member, the community representative, must be a French-speaking adult who resides within the school region.

Council members serve a two-year mandate. Elections are held each year on a rotating basis for approximately half of the positions. This allows for a smoother transition within the board as new members arrive.

The role of the school community council members is to represent the parents by expressing concerns, giving advice and making recommendations to the Conseil scolaire fransaskois and participating in long-term planning for school programs and activities. Board meetings are held in French.