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Study in Canada... in Saskatchewan

Top 10 reasons to study in Canada, in a  CÉF school:

Press Review

1. The United Nations ranked Canada ahead of the best places in the world to live!

This assessment of Canadian achievements based on the level of education, life expectancy, national income and quality of life in general, also took into account the abundant freshwater reserves in Canada, comfortable population density , its low rate of violent crime and its health care system that is the envy of the world.

"Despite the harsh winter that I have lived in Canada, it's a great place. The people are so friendly and different - a multicultural country that never cease to amaze you ..." An international student in Canada.

2. The quality of the Canadian education system is excellent and among the best worldwide

Canadian education is highly subsidized by governments, thereby reducing tuition fees. The Conseil des écoles fransaskoises schools adhere to the aims of education in Saskatchewan, based on Ministry of Education programs. All subjects are taught in French, except English courses. Early learning begins in Grade 4 and continues through 12th grade.

3. Internationally recognized diplomas

Graduates are able to get a bilingual certification totalling 36 credits with the possibility of obtaining scholarships from CÉF and and various organizations. That's also the chance to meet people from around the world, as well as from your own country.

4. The ability to work in Canada upon graduating

Foreign graduate students have the opportunity to work in Canada for one year after obtaining their degree or diploma, or to continue their studies in one of the many Canadian universities. Foreign students can be employed during their studies.

5. A safe and stable country

Canada is a peaceful, politically stable and safe. We have laws that protect the rights of our citizens, and our country is relatively free of natural disasters. Nearly 65 percent of foreign students surveyed in a CBIE poll, in 1999, mentioned the safe country reputation of Canada as major factor has in their decision to study here.

6. Excellent health care

Compared to other countries, medical insurance is inexpensive in Canada in relation to the services by Canadian hospitals, which are among the most advanced and most accessible in the world.

7. Learn or improve another language!

For over a century, the two official languages ​​of Canada (French and English) are taught as a second language, which explains our position of world leader in language training. Students who graduate with a high school diploma from a fransaskois school have reached a higher level of bilingualism.

8. A multicultural country

Canada is home to a large number of indigenous people, called First Nations. Over the past 150 years has welcomed 15 million immigrants. Every year some 200,000 immigrants come to us, making Canada the country that annually hosts the largest number of new entrants in relation to its population, which has just reached the milestone of 31 million.

9. The natural environment and four distinct seasons

Although it has big cities, Canada also retains vast virgin territories and a thriving national and provincial parks network. Temperatures fluctuate considerably in Canada. Some cities receive virtually no winter snow while others receive much. Everyone can find their account, including sports and leisure inside or outside at low cost or free. Our four seasons offer variety and lots of entertainment.

10. We are waiting for you!